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Government: Are You Concerned About the Plastic Trash Problem?

Source: https://www.suara.com
Date : Thursday, 16 January 2020 | 14:24 WIB

plastic is increasingly troubling, it looks like the government it must have taken the right attitude and action to fix problems about managing plastic waste this.

Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), total waste in Indonesia in 2019 will reach 68 million tons and plastic waste is expected to reach 9.52 million tons.

In addition, lack of public awareness in disposing garbage, often causing them to dispose of trash carelessly, like throwing garbage in the gutter, times, and even in the ocean. This of course results in cleanliness the environment and marine ecosystems are damaged.

As a result of the large amount of plastic waste disposed of by residents live around the beach, as well as the amount of plastic waste that is washed away in the ocean, not infrequently many of the dead sea animals, as it was reported that a whale died on the side the beach with a whole stomach there are various kinds plastic waste. Even sadder is inside her uterus has a 2.7 meter long fetus that has started decomposed, which means that the fetus is gone animate again before the whale stranded dies.

In addition, Elan as the administration of Tzu Chi said that within 1 month Tzu Chi can collect less more as much as 4 tons of plastic waste. This is certainly very cause for concern.

Let us imagine, if only one place like Tzu Chi is lacking more can collect as much as 4 tons of plastic waste inside 1 month, what about other places too engaged in handling plastic waste problems. If plastic rubbish was put together, then maybe it could into an area filled only by various kinds

The Tzu Chi community itself is a mobile community in the environmental field, specifically in the recycling sector plastic waste. Erlan also added that plastic waste which Tzu Chi had collected together, there were several of them difficult to decompose (to be recycled material) and instead causing plastic waste to only become a pile of rubbish just plastic. Therefore, Erlan hopes for it this community is expected so that people can be aware of the effects from plastic waste.

If you want to change the world, change yourself first, quote from Tzu Chi.

Indeed, humans can not eliminate the use 100 percent plastic bags, but humans can reuse them plastic (reuse), reduce the use of plastic (reduce), as well recycle plastic (recycle).

I believe that Indonesian people have a sense of awareness high to keep moving in dealing with danger plastic waste which is now increasingly threatening our environment.

Therefore, in this case the role of the government is to continue campaigning for various public invitations to diet plastic bags really affect the community inside the use of plastic bags, as well as the importance of awareness the community in maintaining environmental cleanliness as well is one of the main keys to continue to be aware of anything negative effects that can be caused by plastic waste, because if it doesn't start with us, who else will protect us cleanliness of Indonesia's environment.


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Source: www.kontan.co.id

The domestic recycling industry provides promising potential

KONTAN.CO.ID -JAKARTA. The domestic plastic recycling market has promising prospects. Based on data from the Ministry of Industry, the need for national plastic raw materials reaches approximately 7.23 million tons per year to meet national plastic consumption.

Source: www.suara.com

Government: Already Concerned About Problems Plastic waste?

Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), total waste in Indonesia in 2019 will reach 68 million tons and plastic waste is expected to reach 9.52 million tons.